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MINOBRNAUKI of Russia announced a competition for conducting researches in the priority areas with participation of R&D organisations and universities of Hungary in the frameworks of activity 2.2 Support for R&Ds in the frameworks of cooperation with EU member countries under FTP R&Ds

The project should be aimed at conducting applied researches on selected priority areas:

- Biotechnology;

- Material Science and Nanotechnology;

- energy and energy sciences.

The project should be implemented in conjunction with one or more research organizations or university in Hungary (hereinafter referred to as a foreign partner).

Projects that have the relevant (mirror) applications shall be submitted by the foreign partner of the project to the Hungarian National Office for Research, Development and Innovation (

The requested amount of funding from the federal budget (subsidy) should be calculated for the period of performance of work under the Project, specified in the announcement of the tender (from 1 year to 3 years, starting in 2018) and should not exceed:

in 2018 - 3.33 million rubles;

in 2019 - 3.33 million rubles;

in 2020 - 3.33 million rubles.

The requested amount of funding from the federal budget (subsidy) should be fully used by its recipient to recover its research costs.

The project can provide for the presence of a specific consumer of intellectual activity results, which were received during the implementation of a scientific project by Industrial Partner.

Deadline for submitting applications is: 18.09.17

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