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The Ministry of education and science of Russia open contest for conducting research on priority areas with the participation of research organizations and universities in France

The competition is held as part of the Affiliate program for them. Hubert Kurina A. N. Kolmogorov together with the Ministry of foreign Affairs and international development of the French Republic, Ministry of national education, higher education and scientific research of the French Republic.

The subject of the competition: conducting research in priority areas with the participation of research organizations and universities of France.

The contest organizer will enter into an Agreement to provide subsidies with Participants whose applications for participation in the competition will receive the evaluation maximum score, and will be assigned the first sequence number.

The contest organizer has the right to conclude an Agreement with several participants.

The number of such Agreements in the framework of the competition - not less than 6.

The size limit of all subsidies is: not over 90.0 million rubles, including: for 2017-30.0 million rubles; 2018-30.0 million rubles; 2019-30.0 million rubles.

The turnaround time: Start of works: January 11, 2017 completion date: no later than 31 Dec 2019

Applications for participation in competition are accepted to the address of the organizer of the contest (125993, Moscow, Tverskaya St., 11) up to 17 hours 00 minutes Moscow time on 30 June 2016.

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